Hong Kong Trademark Registration Costs and Introduction [2020]


Before Filing

We provide the following services:-

+ Analysis the registrability of a mark, to see whether the mark is unique and distinctiveness.

+ Obtain a full trademark search, to see whether there is any conflicting/similar mark has been registered or being applied.

+ Provide an overall registration strategy, to increase the success rate of registration, and the scope of protection.

+ Provide trademark drafting and design services

+ Provide classification services for goods and services that you wish to cover.


Costs [Smooth Registration]

Per Mark (Multi-class application)

First Class       US$520

Each Subsequent Class  US$325

​[Inclusive of official filing fee and our services fee]


Calculation of Registration Costs

Example 1: one mark in two classes = US$520 + US$325 = US$845

Example 2: one mark in three classes = US$520 + US$325 + US$325 = US$1,170

Example 3: two mark in one class = US$520 + US$520 = US$1,040


Document Requirement

1. Applicant’s name and address

2. Applicant’s identity document: i.e. copy of Certificate of Incorporation (corporation); or copy of Passport (individual)

3. Specimen of the mark (above 300dpi)

4. Detail list for goods and/or services to be apply (We then provide classification services.)


Registration Timeframe

Smooth case: Around 6~8 months

Publication period: 3 months


Protection Period

10 Years from the date of application, and extendable for further 10 years before each expiration. The renewal date is from 6 months before the expiry date to 6 months after the expiry date. However, if renewal is filed after the expiry date, late renewal surcharge will be incurred.


After Registration

- Keep using the trademark continuously, and evidence of the use must be kept, for the use of defense if someone raise a revocation against yours.

- After modification the style of your mark, seek for our advices on whether re-registration is needed.

- Periodically review the need on registration for additional classes and/or countries.

- Consideration on whether a “Worldwide Trademark Monitoring Service” is needed, which let you know if there is someone (including your business partners, employees and competitors, etc.) is applying your mark or a similar mark in other countries.

- Consideration on whether to record your intellectual property rights in the Customs, so that the Customs could block and intercept the infringement and even sue the infringers.