China Trademark Registration Costs and Introduction [2020]


Before Filing

We provide the following services:-

+ Analysis the registrability of a mark, to see whether the mark is unique and distinctiveness.

+ Obtain a full trademark search, to see whether there is any conflicting/similar mark has been registered or being applied.

+ Provide an overall registration strategy, to increase the success rate of registration, and the scope of protection.

+ Provide trademark drafting and design services

+ Provide classification services for goods and services that you wish to cover.


Costs [Smooth Registration]

Per Mark (Single-class application)

Each Class      US$390 (not exceeding 10 items of goods/services)

Each Additional item     US$20 (if exceeding 10)

​[Inclusive of official filing fee and our services fee]


Calculation of Registration Costs

Example 1: one mark in two classes = US$390 + US$390 = US$780

Example 2: one mark in three classes = US$390 + US$390 + US$390 = US$1,170

Example 3: two mark in one class = US$390 + US$390 = US$780

Document Requirement

1. Applicant’s name and address

2. Applicant’s identity document: i.e. copy of Certificate of Incorporation (corporation); or copy of Passport (individual)

3. Specimen of the mark (above 300dpi)

4. Detail list for goods and/or services to be apply (We then provide classification services.)

5. Signed Power of Attorney (Provide by us)


Registration Timeframe

Smooth case: Around 14~20 months

Publication period: 3 months


Protection Period

10 Years from the date of registration, and extendable for further 10 years before each expiration. The renewal date is from 12 months before the expiry date to 6 months after the expiry date. However, if renewal is filed after the expiry date, late renewal surcharge will be incurred.


After Registration

- Keep using the trademark continuously, and evidence of the use must be kept, for the use of defense if someone raise a revocation against yours.

- After modification the style of your mark, seek for our advices on whether re-registration is needed.

- If your mark consists a logo and/or a stylized word, consideration on whether to register it as a copyright.

- Periodically review the need on registration for additional classes and/or countries.

- Consideration on whether a “Worldwide Trademark Monitoring Service” is needed, which let you know if there is someone (including your business partners, employees and competitors, etc.) is applying your mark or a similar mark in other countries.

- Consideration on whether to record your intellectual property rights in the Customs, so that the Customs could block and intercept the import and export of infringing goods.